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Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Upkeep

This Post is about Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Upkeep , please read  it meticulously , they could   enable  your K518 essential  programmer in good   working   efficient  and has lengthy  service life.

Auto Scanner Tools K518ISE Main  Unit Maintenance :

1. Location  the gear  and accessories in a   place   where   children   are not  accessible.
2 . Maintain  the gear  in dry and good  ventilated atmosphere . Do not  use chemical substances ,
detergents or water to clean the gear , and steer clear of  rain, moisture or liquid contained
minerals to corrosion electronic circuit boards.
3 . Don't   shop  the gear  in more than  hot/cold location   because it  will shorten the lifespan of
electronic devices and harm  the battery, the temperature range   required : low
temperature (-10 ± 3 ) ℃, high  temperature (55 ± 3 ) ℃.
4 .Please do not  disassemble the equipment  personally, shall you will have  any situation ,please make contact with
after-sales service or the certified dealer.
5 . Usually do not  throw, knock or strongly vibrate the device, it's going to   damage  the internal circuit board.
6 . In the event the   equipment  is in water, ensure   it is actually  disconnected and should  not be
disassembled personally. Do not  use any heating equipment  (dryer, microwave oven,
etc .) to dry. Please send the device to nearby  dealer for inspection.
7. Just after  a lengthy  time use, just like   throughout   operating  state, lengthy  charge, connect OBD to
diagnose, the device might possibly   grow to be  a slight fever, this is a   standard , please do not   be concerned .
8. The device includes a  built-in antenna, please don't   harm  or modify the antenna
devoid of  authorization, to prevent   overall performance  degradation of your  device as well as the  SAR

Publicerat klockan 15:29, den 15 december 2017
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