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Program Nissan Sentra 2007-2012 key by CK-100 key programmer

Here is the instruction on programming new key for U.S.made Nissan Sentra from 2007 to 2012 year NATS 5 models by using CK100 V45.02 CK100 Auto Key Programmer .


CK-100 V45.02 is new update to V45.09 which is verified to be working version as well as CK100 V45.06.
Nissan Pin Code is required when program new keys.

Connect CK-100 auto key programmer with vehicle via OBD socket
Check software and firmware information
Check battery status

Password saved


Select IMMOBILIZER function form Main Menu


Select vehicle brand and region: Nissan USA


Select vehicle model: Sentra(IK) 07-12

CK100 will prompt how many token left


Select the Nissan fuel type gasoline or diesel, here we choose gasoline

Insert a key and turn ignition ON

We note that the warning light stays signal indicating key is not programmed


Select Nissan USA NAT system: NATS 5

Select Program New Keys

Without pin code you cannot program new keys.


Enter 4-digit pin code,you can pull out pin code by Nissan NSPC001 OBD2 pin code reader.

Turn ignition OFF

Insert keys to be programmed in sequence and turn them ON and OFF for 5 sec respectively.
In the end start the engine for some sec.
Press any key…


Is the procedure successfully ended? press No

We select NO to not spend tokens in CK-100

We note that the indicator was off indicating that the key has been programmed successfully.

Test the new key.

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